Welcome to not cancelled events!
not cancelled events is a tool to provide galleries quick and easy solutions to create online context and meaningful sales support to extend beyond their physical presence.

With not cancelled “events” we have conceptualized a digital space where you can easily organise communal exhibitions and events. It is not meant to replace your physical activities but to help display your works beautifully and facilitate easy personal contact and community interaction through our live video tool.

Here is what you get if you subscribe:
Create your own page and upload interactive content and artworks. Our system creates a "feed" of the uploaded artworks, and we offer you many layout options .

Invite any number of galleries to create a joint event with a combined feed together (they do have to join our subscription plan, too, if they are not yet subscribed).

Create any number of events while your subscription is active. Our subscription gives you access to create Zoom appointments to include in your event. Use this feature to schedule talks, collector’s walk-throughs, discussion panels etc. You can plan this together with multiple participating galleries or by yourself.

Subscription fee is € 99,- (NET, 20% Austrian VAT applies, except if you have a valid EU VAT number) per month on a recurring basis. You can cancel anytime. See our terms and conditions.
Payment is by credit card, after you confirm your e-mail address.

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